Attic Trusses (Room in the Roof)

Attic Trusses

Attic trusses or room in the roof trusses are an ideal way to increase the habitable area of a house, or improve storage area.

Attic trusses are manufactured in a similar way to standard trusses but due to the increased loading and the lack of full triangulation, often have larger timber sections, which in turn can lead to an increased price. However, even with this price increase taken account, room in the roof trusses remain one of the most economic ways to add space to a building.

When considering attic trusses, thought should be put into the positions of dormer windows and rooflights, along with the staircases and any other openings. The details required for pricing an enquiry regarding attic trusses include; span of the truss, pitch, tile type and room width and height required. Please note room width can dramatically alter the price.

Open web posi joists can also be incorporated to further increase the benefits of attic trusses – by utilising the open web joist large services such as soil pipes and air conditioning systems are easily routed through the floors

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