Quality you can believe in:
DWB Timber Engineering has an enviable reputation within our industry for consistently delivering exceptional quality. We currently operate in all our manufacturing plants to British Standard ISO 9001:2015 which is certified by Chain of Custody.

We are also members of the TRA (Trussed Rafter Association) who work tirelessly on behalf of its members to aid in the development of work practises within our manufacturing plants.

Trussed Rafters are manufactured to EN 14250 and fasteners to EN 14545 with all the designs conforming to BS5268 Part lll. We will also soon have the capability to design to Euro Code 5 when this supersedes the current British standard for new development in the UK.

Posi-Joists are manufactured to BS476 parts 8 & 21 along with being designed to conform to BS5268.

All three Manufacturing sites currently hold chain of custody certificates and BS ISO 9001:2015

Please see our document library for copies of our certificates.

To ensure our high standards are kept DWB Timber Engineering maintains the following policies:

• All our suppliers are audited and approved
• We source our timber from Chain of Custody certified managed sources
• We periodically check our timber to ensure it meets industry standards
• We periodically check and maintain our manufacturing equipment to ensure accuracy
• We ensure our staff are fully trained and aware that mistakes are not acceptable
• We liaise with the whole development team to ensure the customer get the product they want at the specification and time agreed.

See our Document Library for more information on our certification