DWB is committed to being a responsible supplier of timber products. We are aware that our environmental responsibilities go hand in hand with producing a quality product.

In order to ensure that our employees are ‘green aware’ and that they reduce where possible as much waste material produced we have set out internal policies that must be adhered to. As a group we are constantly looking into ways of reducing our carbon footprint and our specific carbon output, whilst maintaining our productivity and quality.

DWB are able to supply Roof Trusses and Open Web Joists with timber certified with a Chain of Custody. Chain of Custody certification is a transparent system of forest inspection and a means of tracking timber from the harvested tree through to the finished product.

Chain of Custody is your assurance that timber products come from forests that are sustainably managed. The following principles are part of Chain of Custody certified forestry:

• No more wood is harvested than is re-grown.
• Trees are replanted or naturally regenerated after harvesting.
• Workers’ rights and welfare are protected.
• Local employment is encouraged.
• Indigenous peoples’ and owners’ rights, i.e. those who earn their livelihoods from and/or live in the forest, are respected.
• Forests are maintained as habitats for wild animals and plants.
• Functions of forests for the protection of water, soil and climate are protected.
• Biodiversity of forest ecosystems is conserved.
• The origin of the wood raw material is verified.

By buying products with the Chain of Custody label you:

• Demonstrate your support for the sustainable management of forests around the world.
• Help to protect forests for present and future generations.
• Help to promote the responsible sourcing of timber.
• Help to combat illegal logging.
• Chain of Custody certified forests are regularly inspected by independent auditors.

Through foresight and planning we aim to consistently reduce the amount of miles taken to deliver the products we ship. We have recently taken delivery of new Articulated units which use the latest fuel saving technology and conform to Euro 5 specifications which include “AdBlue” technology which has the potential to vastly lower exhaust gas emissions.

DWB is planning on adopting a “Paperless” office in the near future further reducing the amount of waste we produce.

For more information please see our environment policy.