Over 15 metres in span attic trusses delivered to Nottinghamshire site

Last week DWB designed and manufactured one of their largest ever roof truss orders yet! The trusses, spanning at over 15 metres and weighing in at an eye-watering 290kg each, were designed in Hull by Senior Roof Truss Designer Mike Bell. Mike working in conjunction with the building designer, created an attic ‘room in the roof’ design that would provide additional nursery space, successfully creating an incredible 140 square metres of additional space for the nursery to expand into and providing more safe space for their children to grow and learn.

Mike worked on the project for around 4 months, maximising the usable space available in the attic room and fine-tuning their requirements. However nobody expected the final result to end up quite as big as it did, with the final design being so large it had to be supplied in two pieces as it wouldn’t fit through our factory doors in one!

From all of us at DWB Group we’d like to thank Turnbulls Newark for all of their help and expertise as the project draws to a completion and offer our best wishes to Fernwood Day Nursery for the future!

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