Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

With over 30 years experience in the industry and around 500 years of staff design and fabrication experience spread across our branches, DWB are experienced in meeting our customer’s needs.

Our design offices employ highly skilled staff, whose on-going software development training ensures we are at the leading edge of the industry.

Using state of the art software we can prepare full colour working drawings for many types of roof structure, from a self-build garage to large scale redevelopments.

Structural calculations are provided and plans include details on structural infill timber and builders metalwork. Our services include:

• Full Roof Designs
• Collateral Warranties
• Feasibility Studies
• Large Span Trusses
• Site Surveys to Confirm Production Sizes & Pitches
• Friendly Advice On Erection Procedures

We are already designing to Euro Code 5 (EC5) standards in conjunction with BS5268 parts 2+3.

Our production plants operate tried and tested machinery for high levels of accuracy and reliability, aided by an ISO9001 Quality Assurance scheme controlled by TRADA. Timber sustainability is assured as we hold Chain of Custody Certification.

As members of the TRA (Trussed Rafter Association) we can supply the much acclaimed TRA Technical Manual which helps customers specify and erect Roof Trusses correctly.

Standard Truss Profiles

Roof trusses come in all shapes and sizes – here are a few of the most commonly used trussed rafters and their names. Stuck with which truss you’ll need for your project? Get in contact with us and ask!






Double W

Hip / Flat Top

Stub / Bobtail

Raised Tie / Raised Ceiling



Flat / Parallel

Posi-Attic Trusses