Spandrel panels are factory assembled structural panels used as a dividing wall or in place of a traditional gable block wall. Spandrel panels meet robust details requirements, satisfying both sound and fire requirements within building regulations.

Spandrel panels are simple to install and can be delivered and installed with your trussed roof.

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Six Key Benefits

Off site manufacture

The panels are manufactured off site and can be delivered when you need them.

Lower Costs

Gable and Spandrel panels are fast to install, meaning lower costs to you.

Improves On-Site safety

Spandrel panels decrease time working at heights making your site safer

Less site waste

Little to no on-site waste to clear away or wasteage lowering profit margins!

quicker install times

Fixing is as simple as strapping down to the party wall and bracing back to the roof.

address skill shortages

Gable and Spandrel panels can be installed by your joiner.

What are Spandrel & Gable Panels made of?


Spandrel panels are constructed using a 72x47mm trussed rafter fitted with 2 layers of plasterboard with staggered jointing. In our factory we trim the plasterboard to a neat edge and install lifting points ready for you to crane onto your roof immediately without fear of damaging the panels.


Gable panels are 97x47mm with a single layer of 9mm plywood to the external side, this is then covered with a breather membrane. Gable panels are designed in house to meet the wind loads imposed in your area (it’s why we ask for a site postcode!).


Want to know more?

Click on the image above to download the TRA guide to Spandrel Panels.


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